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Our Customer Service training sessions are designed to work hand-in-hand with the rest of our service management service. The underlying purpose is to improve customer satisfaction, employees confidence and promote growth.

Phil Heard, from Magic Touch tells us the value of Customer service training.

The objective is to deliver outstanding customer service and substantially grow sales then we can help your team gain a real understanding of the customer service challenges, showing employees what ideal behaviours look like and sound like, making employees accountable for the delivery.

Working with you, we will identify your needs and objectives; we will then tailor a customer service training solution which meets your requirements. Factors such as the time you have available, the number of people to be trained, and your budget, will be taken into account when creating the training programme which is right for you.

3hrs Pro-Active Customer Service Course could include:

  • Importance of positive customer care
  • Culture of the Organisation
  • What are the customer expectations
  • The value of your lifetime customer
  • First impression
  • Communication
  • Questioning-Answering
  • The Art of Co-operation
  • Lasting Impression
  • Selling, upselling, cross-selling
  • Building Rapport with your customers
  • Internal communications

Programmes can either be run at your own premises or at a convenient venue for you. To ensure that all delegates gain individual attention, we believe that smaller learning groups of between six to 12 delegates offer the best condition for learning.

Cost for 3 hours session £699

Cost for 2 hours session £599

(if the training isn’t run on premises, additional cost for the event will be additional)

Customer Service Online Course

It’s time to apply the secret of successful businesses by putting your internal and external customers in the middle of everything you do.

Do want to thrive in your business? Here is THE CUSTOMER SERVICE online course for you, giving you practical tools to deliver exceptional customer service consistently.



Individual modules

Programmes will be run at your own premises or at a convenient venue for you. To ensure that all delegates gain individual attention, we believe that smaller learning groups of between six to 12 delegates offer the best condition for learning.

The sessions are insightful and have engaging content, ending with actionable exercises to be returned to accountable manager or trainer.

Cost for 1 hour session £288

(if the training isn’t run on premises, additional cost for the event will be additional)

  1. A Sale without a sale

We all hate the hard pushy sales assistants, so let’s learn the ‘caring sales funnel’ approach with how to up-sell and cross-sell to increase your customers’ shopping basket.

2. Complaint handling

Learn techniques to confidently speak to an unhappy customer and turn the situation into a positive experience and a raving fan.

3.  Objection handling & closing the sales

Develop effective ways to pro-actively encourage you to close the deal and learn valuable insight on handling objections effectively.

4. Rapport building

Relationship is everything if you can build very quickly a good rapport with your customers you will be able to gain their trust and loyalty. Learn NLP techniques to help you just do that.

5. Who are our customers

Being able to identify our customers’ behaviour, read their body language and engage with them at the appropriate time.

6. Improving Communication Skills

Developing effective communication is a skill and can improve your rapport with your customers and team members. Learning the basics of questioning and actively listening will go a long way to improve your service delivery.

7. Team work understand yourself to understand others

Developing a better understanding of yourself will also improve your capacity to better understand the thoughts and feelings of other people and how emotions drive human behaviour.

8. Creating value and Adding value

When talking about value, people always think about money, but value and price are not the same thing, let’s focus on what is of value in the eyes of the customers then add extra value for them.

9. Developing and delivering winning sales Pitches

Every day you are delivering a sales pitch, whether you know or not, let’s identify and define what constitute a good pitch and prepare you to presenting in the right style.

10. Why self-Confidence matters in customer service

Self-confidence is important because it is inextricably tied to competence. Let’s develop this aspect in you so your customers know that you have the requisite skills and abilities to complete their transaction or resolve their issue.

11. Christmas selling

Christmas of the biggest period for any industry, ensure you are ready by given you tips and tricks to deliver exceptional customer service, sell, upsell and make your till ring.

Need some help with you team at Management level, here are some of the modules we could run for you:

  • Nurturing a Caring service culture
  • Creating a happy and healthy workplace environment
  • Leading and guiding your team
  • Creating loyalty
  • Developing your Employees Journey
  • Understanding the customer journey
  • Measuring to manage
  • Aligning your team and your Vision

We work both as an advisor and in a hands-on role – informing, influencing, and driving individuals to take action.

For more information, email us on:

I thought that the presentation was excellent – with lots of relevant content, presented in an interesting and dynamic manner that kept everyone engaged.

Jason Mahy
Managing Director

Jason Mahy, Aladdin's Cave
Training has been excellent, showing us our weak points and highlighting our stronger point, within a couple of hours Claire has show us a general view of customer service and who are customers are. I would highly recommend Claire and her team for their training, there is always something to learn and improve with training.
Phil Heard, Magic Touch
Its been a pleasure working with Claire, her enthusiasm rubs off on everyone creating an extremely positive training environment and experience.
We look forward to working with Claire again.
Lynne Dunham, The Inn Hotel
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