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So, what’s all the buzz about??

Bees are remarkable creatures for such a small size, which have been helping our planet’s ecosystem for ever!

Beehives are fascinating, well-oil machines and when you are seriously looking at the running of the Hive it would be impossible to miss that “Successful” businesses are following the same principles.

In my Blogs, I will be talking about the Bees’ incredible efficient work ethic and look at how it relates to every part of our businesses, inviting Guest Blogger to give you their views of what’s happening out there.

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10 Steps to buying a Franchise Business, Step 8 – Time to sign the Franchise Agreement

Bees avoid decision-making pitfalls by considering several options, but they make fast and effective decisions in order to react to opportunities. Businesses need to evaluate, respond and act taking in new information put it into


£10,800 - Keep the number in mind, we’ll come back to it shortly. We’re creatures of habit, we have habits that we follow every day. Wake up, get out of bed, bathroom, shower, breakfast, get

Let’s get social

Over the last few years the number channels that allow our customers the opportunity to give us feedback has increased, traditional methods of providing feedback to businesses (phone, letter, face to face) have fallen by

By |August 8th, 2017|

The ‘C’ Word!

Here I am, sat in the sun, kids have broken up from school and I’m contemplating how to keep them amused for the next six weeks, and then someone mentions Christmas. It’s not even the

By |July 24th, 2017|